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that bands meme thing & a question

everyone's doing it so who am I to rock the boat?

Here's the bands/singers - you guess the song of theirs that's my favourite

** are for bands I couldn't decide on one favourite so I have two.. (oh and one of the 'phonics ones? I will be absolutely stunned if anyone gets it)

Stereophonics ** - Thousand Trees (guessed by engelsteorra) still one to go!
U2 ** - I Will Follow (guessed by velvetwhip (still one more to guess!)
Kane - Spirit Boy (guessed by emeraldswan)
Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out (guessed by dimlondeiel)
The Killers
Jamie Cullum
Natasha Beddingfield
Deacon Blue - Dignity (kinda guessed by rileysaplank
Kaiser Chiefs - Oh My God (guessed by dimlondeiel)
KT Tunstall
REM - Nightswimming (guessed by invisionary)
Ocean Colour Scene
Snow Patrol ** - Chocolate (guessed by engelsteorra) still another one!
Lost Prophets - Burn Burn (guessed by dimlondeiel)
Ultravox - Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (guessed by velvetwhip)
Pearl Jam
Tori Amos
Green Day - Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) (guessed by rileysaplank)
Divine Comedy - the Certainty of Chance (guessed by engelsteorra

The question

Completely and utterly unrelated to the meme, I'm in the process of setting up round two of the White Knight Awards and having learnt a lot from last time around I'm cutting the categories way back. And here's where I'd like your opinions... Some of the individual pairings ended up with only two fics in each category so I was thinking of reducing it all down to "Conventional" and "Unconventional" but therein lies a problem - does Faith count as a conventional pairing for Xander? Should I further split unconventional pairings into het and slash since I know there will be arguments if I don't?
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