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Spelling nightmare

Having huge problems typing today - words like international and journal and and are coming out all wrong!

Kinda sucks since I'm checking a list journals (or as I keep typing it jounrlas) starting with the letter I....

this is really just a fly by post so I can make a to-do list for myself because my brain is now the first thing to actually have a side-effect from sleep-deprivation and I keep forgetting things.

1. WKA CSS and graphics - plus move nominees and winners from round one into a history reference page.

2. Put the finishing touches to my outfit for tomorrow night (it now fits and looks great but it's a little on the low-cut side at the front so I'm going to add some contrast fabric detailing there - and yes, it's now going to look almost exactly like Vamp!Willow's outfit from the Wish & Doppelgangland, just a shame I don't look all that much like Aly!)

3. _inthedarkness ficlets for Xander and Faith.

4. Put my cowboy boots in the car to take up to engelsteorra's house tomorrow (sorry Sharon, I forgot to bring them this morning!) and the Kane cd for smileawhile

5. Remember that I've spent so much time making the top half of my outfit for tomorrow that I completely forgot about what I'm wearing on the bottom half.

6. WaDaDM next chapter (6 I think it's at)

7. Beta SKoH 4 for emeraldswan

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