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Rule number 9: Working, stable, public links to the actual story must be provided – not just to an archive site’s home page. Any nominations without a working link will be deleted.

So how many nominations have I gotten which just link to an index page? *sigh* I could find the fics, I did last time around - went well out of my way to do so, but this time? Nope. It's in the rules so if there's a complaint then they can nominate again giving me the proper link.

Things done tonight - nominees page updated on WKA, nomination form finally fixed (I think!), couple of fics read.

Things to do tonight - beta next chapter of SKoH for emeraldswan (Buffy/Firefly crossover, if you've not read it yet - why not?! here's the link), finish next chapter of WaDaDM, stress about the fact there's been no nominations since I uploaded the now working form, then finally chill out a little....

Yeah, like that last one on the list is gonna happen....
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