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Busy like a bee, actually

Yay! The form over on WKA works! *does happy dance*

Now I need to get caught up on everything else I pushed to one side so that I could get it running this weekend...

Sleepy now, but in a positive way - as in, I'm sleepy because I've been busy, rather than from insomnia (although that's still a problem). emeraldswan I will get SKoH 4 back to you today - I really hoped I'd have it done by last night but it wasn't to be.

I also need to do some graphics work - I'm losing my touch with Photoshop right now and want to get back into making something I want to make. Unfortunately I have no idea what that is so... any requests? About the only thing I can't bring myself to do right now is anything Spike related (sorry) - I do (kinda) like the character, depending on the season, but the film graduate in me just remembers how much of a nightmare it was to ChromaKey a bleached blonde so I shy away from trying anything in Photoshop because of that reason. (Seriously, blondes & blue screen really don't mix well at all!)

Plus, I've got the ficlets for _inthedarkness to do today and arrange a time for us to get started with that. rileysaplank, fancy giving me a shout later on about that application we got at the weekend?

And I've still got WaDaDM to polish off this chapter of. (I'm aware that sentence breaks just about every grammatical rule in the english language, but right now I don't care - pretend it's translated from german if it helps!). I'm nervous about this part to be honest, it's OC heavy and my biggest fear is either turning Eilidh into Mary Sue or having her be a carbon copy of a character from another fandom (that last I did catch myself doing before it went too far but it's still a worry).

And somewhere in that I've actually got to do some work and finish checking the library holdings on IngentaConnect (which are all wrong and it's a horrible site anyway - slowest search engine ever!) and start collating March's usage statistics...


Oooo - one more icon I couldn't post to ms_graphics last night because voting hadn't closed yet on joss_stills.
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