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Gah! and music meme

Am I just mass transportation or something? Had so much to do tonight so I grabbed a quick bite to eat and sat down to finish off the beta and update WKA (not that there was much to update - go nominate people!) and have a look for graphics for PYGS (seriously Mark? You're going to regret asking me to do this... *g*). The phone goes and it's my sister looking for a lift to the supermarket so she can get to the photobooth so she can send off for her new driving licence (she needs to change the address on it). Not a problem, except it took me two hours because my nephew would not let me leave the house.... So now I'm really behind in my plans (and I think I just pissed off my neighbour by turning up the volume on my computer - but seriously, he's listening to ceilidh music now - better than the military pipes from Sunday but not by much....)

I will have the fic done, I have updated WKA, I have the pictures I want to use for PYGS but it's going to take more close concentration than I have right now so it'll be tomorrow before I get it started.

I also intended to get some work done for _inthedarkness - ficlets and icons for willowmina and rileysaplank but they'll have to wait till tomorrow as well I'm afraid...

And I've just remembered I still haven't uploaded the BBBFic challenge fics yet... Gah!

Lifted from claudia6913

1. Total volume of music files on my computer:

6.8 GB. Seriously didn't think there was that much in there, but there ya go!

2. Last CD I bought:

Stereophonics - Language.Sex.Violence.Other?

3. Last song I listened to before doing this:

Lost Prophets - Last Train Home

4. Five songs I've listened to a lot this week:

Steve Carlson - Pinata Novia
Manics - La Tristessa
Beth Orton - Stars All Seem To Weep
Snow Patrol - Somewhere a Clock Is Ticking
Idlewild - American English

(btw? new layout.... made this banner for a contest on brendon_daily and decided just to change the text for my own use...)
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