the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone (whiskyinmind) wrote,
the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone

Bored now...

Again, my weekend got hi-jacked by my sister. I'm trying so hard not to be mad at her but I have so much stuff to do - archiving fics, updating sites, writing and getting the new site set up (as well as finally working out just where than rank smell in my kitchen is coming from) that I really could have done without spending half the afternoon waiting for her to call and then the other half at her house....

Gah! Sisters! Who'd have em?

So I think the smell in the kitchen is coming from the sink - it's like there's something stuck in the u-bend and doesn't the thought of having to clean that out just freak me out?

Add to that the fact that my shed finally gave up the ghost on Hogmanay, it's ancient and rotten wood which has been hanging on for a few years now so it wasn't exactly a surprise when the door fell off... Ne'er's Day I ordered a new shed online - a metal one this time, should last longer! - and it was delivered at the end of January. It takes at least two people to put it together and I wasn't especially keen to do it to be honest so I offered to pay the guy who looks after my garden to do it for me. That was just after the thing arrived and finally last week he gets around to starting it. He and a friend unpack it all one day when I'm at work, and they start to put it together... kinda...

I live in a bungalow and they've put the base of the thing right under my bedroom window - oh yeah, I want a metal shed right outside my bedroom?! I don't think so!! They haven't been back since. Okay so the weather hasn't been great but it's not been that bad.

The parts are stacked up against the existing shed - the one that's about a breath of wind away from collapsing - and last night I heard this almighty crash from out there! Went to investigate this morning and found that one part had fallen over somehow... and bent out of shape.... Oh joy.

So now I have about sixteen sheets of metal out in the back garden, one of them now bent, and no sign of the guy who's meant to be putting it together for me....


Tried to do some writing this morning, working on a character study for the excersise over at NHA but ended up being too pissed off to finsih it. Might get it done in the morning - we'll see!

Now I've just finished downloading a trial version of Dreamweaver, might have a play about with it to see if it'll help with the new site a bit. I do most of my coding on notepad these days with backup from Front Page if something isn't working so I'm a bit wary of Dreamweaver. What I'd really like to use on the new site is iframes but I can't get them to behave properly - they just will not line up properly... gah! Anyone know of any good iframes tutorial sites?

Okay, I'm hungry now so I'm off to go make some dinner - dunno what though, guess I'll see what's in the fridge (other than beer that is...)
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