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I mentioned it a lot at the time we were playing, but I loved most of what we did with _end_of_days. Writing with other poeople whose styles were vastly different from my own pushed me to some pretty cool stuff. Thinking on our feet and posting on a tight schedule really made a difference and some of the plot twists we came up with completely shocked me. Towards the end we had communication problems because of the time differences and I know my own characters began to form a group on their own which defeated the purpose of the whole thing. Anyway, I'm very proud of some of the writing we did, and I know others are as well. emeraldswan has begun posting some of the favourite scenes she was involved in on her fic site.

To give you some background, the events of Not Fade Away have left Angel in a coma, Gunn dead and everyone trying to re-group. The Scoobies are gradually finding their way to LA to try to help but with the roads cut off they're finding it almost impossible. The Scoobies have been out of touch with each other for a while now, and there's a level of distrust and wariness. This scene is the first time Willow and Xander have spoken for over a year: Uncomfortable Silences

In other news, I dropped a full tin of fence paint on my hall floor yesterday. It went everywhere and while I managed to get it mostly cleaned up, there's still a vaguely greenish patch which is not going to shift. The floor did need redone soon anyway, this has just moved it up in priority. So I have a question for you. It's half-and-half concrete and floorboards which right now has cheap parquet tiles over it. When I re-do it, should I get it carpeted, put lino down, replace the parquet or get laminate floorboards?

I can't make a decision at all.


And while I'm posting - go nominate at White Knight Awards if you haven't already!
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