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I think I want to cry

So for the first time in my life I have a truly horrific haircut.

The guy who did it kept asking what I wanted and I told him that I wanted a fringe, I wanted it around chin length and becasue it's so fine I wanted layers.

Apparently it lost something in the time it took me to say it for him to hear it because he obviously heard this:

"I want to look like a 1980s footballer. Please give me the worst mullet you've ever seen."

I've come out of the hairdressers in the past and thought 'not sure if I like it, I'll see in the morning.' Never before have I come out of the hairdressers and dunked my head directly in the sink to get rid of all the crap he put in it before trying to fix it any way possible. Now I'm on the hunt for a hairdressers that'll be open tomorrow to fix this. Because seriously, I will shave it all off and wear a wig before I go out in public like this.

ETA my sister agrees, it's a mullet. She asked me who did it and when I told her who it was, she said "HIm? The junkie?!"

Might explain why his hands were a little on the shaky side....
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