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I miss email...

IT are working on our Outlook server right now so I have no email. I also have no reminders of tasks or calendar appointments or anything and I'm sure there's lots of important stuff I have to be doing right about now...


Watched Doctor Who last night - funny/sad/brilliant. One question though - okay those costumes had to be clunky and hard to run in, but why did they CGI the aliens at one point and not others?! Just bizarre! But the whole scene with "I could save the world, but lose you." When did Doctor Who get so touchingly schmaltzy? And the little "We have detected weapons of destruction which can be activated within 45 seconds" - when did Doctor Who get so blatantly political?!


I have a favour to ask two of you - emeraldswan and rileysaplank, would you mind looking over a little prologue to a new fic I wrote this morning. (Wrote the prologue, not the actual fic yet!) Yes, another new fic - although this one's been bubbling under the surface for a while now - I just decided to stop trying to force the other ones and just write what wanted to be written - this one was the result! (750 ish words in under an hour - not too bad for someone as out of practice as I seem to be right now!)

And I need to start eating proper breakfasts. Seriously, I can barely hear myself think over the sound of my stomach growling right now!
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