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That five questions meme

So everyone else is doing it, who am I to rock the boat?

1. If you want to play, leave a comment on this entry.
2. I will ask you five questions.
3. Post the answers in your journal along with these instructions.
4. Then people will pester you to ask them questions.

Oh - and if I missed your post or if you just wanna know? Feel free to ask me your five questions here!

Questions posed by rileysaplank

1) Why Xander/Faith?

Why Xander/Faith… wow. It’s such an instinctual thing with me that it’s actually hard to put into words. Okay, first of all the simplistic answer – I think they’re both hot and look good together. The much fuller answer, I think they ‘fit’ well. They’re the overlooked Scoobies who connect on levels that the others aren’t aware of. There’s the working class backgrounds, the hints at abuse (or at the very least neglect) in their family lives, the fact that they are seen as second-class no matter what. (Xander has no special powers or abilities unlike everyone else in his group; Faith will never be seen as being as good as Buffy no matter what she does) The two seem to be almost polar opposites in some ways as well – Xander’s loyal above all else, whereas Faith seems to flit about – but the truth is even that’s a lie. Xander’s not loyal without question, he trusts certain people and will die for them. Faith’s exactly the same – it’s just the people she trusts to that level are few and far between.

They spark each other and push each other to the limits – not always a good thing granted, but it’s always interesting.

2) If you could be one other person, who would you be?

My sister, not feeling in the slightest bit guilty about constantly borrowing money from my younger sister and continually letting her down.


Seriously… I don’t know, someone who was happy with where their life was at or at least where it was headed.

3) Xander or Cap'n Mal?

Don’t make me choose! I don’t wanna!

Xander. I guess.

(can I have them both?)

4) If you could bring one person from the past to now, who would you bring and why?

That kind of assumes I have a knowledge of history doesn’t it? Nefertiti. To find out once and for all if she really did reign as Smenkhare after Akhenaten’s death.

5) If you had to leave Scotland, where would you want to go to live?

I wouldn’t.

I’m going down with this ship! *g*

Actually, probably Canada – British Columbia to be exact. A friend from Uni and I talked about heading out after graduation but then we lost touch and obviously nothing came of it. I’d like to see it anyway, but whether I’d want to live there or not I don’t know.

Leslie valorgrl asked

1) If you ever met Nick what would you ask? (Keep it clean :P )

I did actually meet him last year and asked if he was aware of the fan sites deidcated to him on the web, and fanfiction. He asked me if he and Spike were having sex a lot. No lie. *g* I also asked him if he’d ever come to Scotland and he asked if he could stay at my house and wear a kilt… He’s a genuinly funny guy and I think he knew I was really nervous about asking him questions.

I think when I meet him again (cause I will meet him again!) I’ll ask him what he really thinks of the characters he’s played. Plus hey, your number 5 question would be a good one to ask him! Or if I were meeting him on a one-to-one basis I'd ask... damn, you said to keep it clean didn't you?

2) What was your first convention and how did you get started going to them?

First convention was Senior Partners back in 2003. I heard that Christian Kane was going to be there and that his band were going to be playing an acoustic gig and it seemed like too good an opportunity to miss. I kinda badgered smileawhile into coming with me. I had no idea what to expect, well actually I had the whole convention scene from Galaxy Quest in my head, and I was really surprised at how nice and approachable everyone was – from the invited guests to the attendees. It’s a community, odd how that sounds. Of course I’ve only been to conventions organized by one company and I’ve heard that others are more formal and very cliquish.

3) Where would you live if you could live anywhere?

Brora. It’s a little village in Sutherland (Scotland) which is on the coast and gets Gulf Stream weather so it’s warmer than you’d expect. It is absolutely beautiful up there.

4) If you could travel back in time what period would you like to visit and why?

The Old Kingdom in Egypt. I’ve been fascinated by Egyptology for a long time and we know a lot about how the Pharoas lived and about the rituals demanded by the religion – but I’d want to see how ordinary people got through the days.

5) What fictional character (book, movie, tv) would you like to meet if it were possible?

Gosh that’s a difficult one! I could be all artsy and say someone like Dorian Gray but to be honest I think I’d want to meet Mara Jade from the Star Wars novels.

emeraldswan asked:

1) Can I get a fic rec? Any ship, any rating...

Hmmm. I usually have a million recs for people but I know you’ve read most of them already. Okay, Post-Apocalyptic Conversations by Eunoia. The core Scoobies re-connect after season seven. (no ship)

False Smiles by bastardsnow - what if there were unforeseen consequences from The Zeppo. (Faith/Xander)

The Letting Go series by rubywisp - Xander/Lindsey slash with heart and a damn good story to boot!

Shared Obsession by Lar and Kass – again, Xander/Lindsey slash but not quite as good a tale as Rubywisp’s

And of course, anything by liz_marcs, nwhepcat, m_mcgregor and bastardsnow. Plus the many others on my flist!

2) What's your favorite BtVS episode?

Changes all the time – usually rotating through five. The Body is just one of the best episodes of any television show I’ve ever seen but is far too painful for me to watch (too many similarities to my own situation). Prophecy Girl - the moment the show changed from being something I really enjoyed to being something I was confirmed fan of. Hallowe’en for the moment when Xander sheds the dorkiness and changes into in-charge soldier guy – still sends shivers up my spine. The Zeppo - can’t call myself a Xander fan without including either this or The Pack now could I? *g* and finally Restless just because the film graduate in me loves analysing every single second of this episode.

3) What any-fandom characters would be in your "harem"? Choose as many as you'd like.

Ooooo – well, Xander obviously. (can I have all three variants? Dork, suave and vamp? *g*) Lindsey – again obviously. Cap’n Mal (he may just make it to the top of the list after this weekend!). Fox Mulder (from the early seasons). I’m sure there are lots more but those’ll do for now. Wouldn’t want to seem too greedy would I?

4) What's your favorite color? Why?

Forest green. I’m not a big fan of artificiality and green is, to me, one of the more natural colours. The shade, because it’s dark – again, I’m not so much a fan of bright in-your-face things.

5) Dream vacation?

Egypt. For a year. Or maybe longer. *g*

cafedemonde asked:

1) I remember us chatting about your home and the word village came up as a description, which I found amazing since I don't think we actually have villages here anymore. If you had to choose, would you stay with small town life or move to a big city? Why?

Village/Small town all the way. I’ve done the city living thing and it really isn’t for me. (Always makes me smile to think that ‘village’ isn’t a universal thing.) I was brought up in a really small village and the sense of community there was pretty incredible. At the time I did hate being “Jean’s youngest”, always being identified by my relations grated on me when I was a teenager, but now I know it’s just a way of expanding the community. If I was still there I know that I’d be me. And Jean would be “Shona’s mum”.

City living does have it’s benefits – being close to the gigs, the clubs, most of my friends… *g* But I did it for a year in Glasgow and much as I love the city I couldn’t breathe there. Where I live right now, in a small village with hills behind me and the beach (and Atlantic Ocean) in front of me is just perfect for me.

2) What is your favorite movie? why?

Blade Runner without a question. I hadn’t watched it until I was at Uni and I actually had to study it for my “Postmodernism and Culture” class. It just captivated me completely – the whole ‘they’re among us’ dynamic, and then underneath that ‘who is "us" anyway?’ – it’s just fantastic.

Watch the director’s cut, without the crappy voiceover and tacked on happy ending. It’s worth it.

3) When Giles and Willow had their spat in early season 6, little did we know that his fears were totally justified. Buffy's existence brought back the First. Knowing this now do you think that Willow should have left Buffy in the ground and gone for freeing Faith to get a slayer on the hellmouth? How do you see the show playing out if that avenue had been pursued instead?

Oh how to answer this!? I love Faith. She’s my second favourite character in the show (used to be my third but I lost touch with Willow in season seven). I would kill to see a Faith spin-off (much as I enjoyed Tru Calling). But. I don’t think she would have been the same if she had been the Prime Slayer – she works best as second fiddle to Buffy. I kinda hate myself for saying that, but the dynamic between her and Buffy is the core aspect of her persona. Removing Buffy from the equation by not having her resurrected? Would the person who remained still be Faith? Probably – most of the writers on the show are/were good enough to ensure that. Would I still like her character so much? Possibly not.

It’s intriguing though – and damn you for putting another plot bunny in my head! (although keith5by5 has a really interesting take on a Faith-centric, Buffyless show from season one onwards – it’s on INAP under the title Faith: The Series)

4) I see your yahoo says "cooking" a lot. How are you in the kitchen? Baby Gourmet or Microwave Mama?

I love cooking and I *think* I’m good at it so I’m going with Baby Gourmet. I just hate the cleaning up afterwards! My favourite things to cook tend to be Jambalaya, Stir Fry, Mexican, Chinese – I really like cooking and do it at every possible opportunity.

5) Why Xander?

Why not?


I remember, way back when, there was a time when I stepped back and analysed which male character I liked most from the show – Angel or Xander. And then I saw The Pack and my jaw hit the floor.

Asides from the hotness that I see and that bypasses a lot of folks, he is one of the good guys. The kind of guy you know will stand by you no matter what, the one who your parents will love and yet still has that bad-boy streak. He’s funny, smarter than people give him credit for, and above all loyal.

Plus? His arms. Arms are my kink. Dunno why, but those arms? Make me drool. *g*
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