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Sure as anything, I know this. I aim to misbehave.

looking for the questions meme? Click here!

Serenity trailer.... You Can't Stop The Signal

Oh. My. Sweet. Lord.


A prize goes to the first person to help me identify the music in the trailer - I know it, it's a current release (or upcoming) in the UK and it's bugging me now! edit Gah! I can't believe I didn't get this straight away - It's Kasabian, Club Foot. My love for this film grows exponentially for using this on the trailer! (I'm spelling phonetically now - sorry!)

edit Seriously - this is a great line:

"Define interesting?"

"Oh god, oh god, we're all gonna die?"


I can't wait till Friday when I can see this trailer on a big screen and oooo and ahhhh along with hundreds of other Browncoats!!!!

Final edit of the night - if someone caps this trailer you will be elevated to the role of God King. I will worship at your feet. (lots of shots I want a still of but the one that springs to mind instantly? Jayne - Let's be bad guys)

really final edit - if anyone can get me a clear shot of the 'call-back' button Wash rigs up in 'Out of Gas', you will become a prince among men, or a princess among women - your choice!

I made an icon.... literally just now - on my laptop which was running on batteries meaning my screen was darker than usual so the icon's more yellow than I intended it to be and the animation is a little faster than I'd like. I'll redo it again later but hey - if you want it? It's yours!

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