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No power in the 'verse

So I just found the 'tentative' schedule for the Serenity convention and for the first time I can remember there's a screening of something on the first night - tonight.

A 90 minute screening of something.

Almost enough for a feature film.


I got nowhere near enough sleep last night and healthwise I'm not doing too great at the moment, but I don't care. I'm off to GeekFest 2005!

Have a blast this weekend everyone, wish I could say I'll be thinking of you but in all honesty? I probably won't be. Sorry. *g*

ETA - even if the screening isn't what I'm hoping it is, this weekend is going to rock!

second edit I remembered what it was I forgot last night, there's a severe lack of official merchandise at the moment so I had the bright idea of making some fanart to get signed this weekend. I started it on Monday and then didn't do anything more to it. Until last night when I made two that I'm not exactly happy with but I'm taking anyway. They're wallpaer sized so if you want 'em? Take 'em.

One and two
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