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You can't stop the signal....

The world’s first Firefly/Serenity themed convention, this was a three-day event that took place at the Thistle Hotel, Heathrow this weekend just past. Attended by something like eight or nine hundred paying attendees and eight invited guests from the show/film and MCd by Clare Kramer. I’m still not completely caught up with the extreme lack of sleep over the weekend so forgive me if I ramble or forget things.

Who was there:

Jewel Staite (Kaylee)
Summer Glau (River)
Morena Baccarin (Inara)
Ron Glass (Shepherd Book)
Nathan Fillion (Mal Reynolds)
Mark Sheppard (Badger)
Alan Tudyk (Wash)
Chris Buchanan (Exec Producer of Firefly and President of Mutant Enemy)

Four of these guys have been at conventions I’ve attended before now and they’re always incredible guests – Nathan is just incredibly funny and completely enthusiastic about everything. He goes well out of his way to put everyone at their ease, whether it’s gawking attendees who are just in awe of meeting him, or if it’s other invited guests who are a little uncomfortable being in stage in front of all the gawking attendees. Morena has a wicked sense of humour and is consistently gracious to every single person she speaks to (well, except for Jewel – those two seem to just delight in winding each other up!) Jewel is wickedly funny and so sweet! Summer. Oh Summer, what can I say about this girl? I want to give her a hug. Nathan called her “the little sister I never knew I had… or wanted” at one point and I get what he meant by the first part. She’s so emotionally honest and lovable – one of those people you hate to see hurt or down in any way.

The others I hadn’t met before? I love to pieces! Ron was probably the one who was most aloof but that was possibly because he was overwhelmed by the attention a little – plus he admitted he doesn’t have a computer (or a cell phone) so he maybe didn’t appreciate the depth of feeling amongst the Browncoats. Mark Sheppard – a while ago some of us were gossiping about who or what the surprises might be at the convention and both Ron and Mark were suggested as being amongst those surprises – they were! Mark is a sweetie who seemed genuinely humbled by everyone – he also has a really fun sense of humour and was really approachable to everyone. (Plus, he’s really cute when he blushes!) Alan Tudyk seemed to spend the entire weekend with a look of complete bemusement on his face – flabbergasted is the word I think. He and Nathan make a hell of a double act on stage and he’s genuinely funny. (I half expected him to be a little standoffish and aloof but he couldn’t have been any nicer! Case in point – the group photograph, everyone was shattered by the time it came round to my turn but Alan was the one who leant forward and made a point of saying ‘Hi’ to me!) And Chris Buchanan – I always knew I wanted to work in film and TV but if the exec producers are this cool? I’ll kill to work there!

All in all, this weekend was an absolute blast! On the Saturday night there’s usually a fancy-dress contest that is judged by the celebrity guests, this time was no exception. There were some fantastic entrants but then this guy walks out as the statue of Jayne from Jaynestown. He’d put so much work into the costume and it showed – he was just incredible! As soon as he came out I thought he was the winner.

And then came the Wash-o-saurus. As insane as it sounds! The entrant (Claire) had made a huge model T Rex and it looked as though she was riding it, but that wasn’t all – she was dressed as Wash and even had the moulded mask. Alan Tudyk watched her walk (or rather, ride!) into the room and his jaw was literally on the table.

Suffice to say she won the contest! (and got to pose with Alan for quite a few photos!)

After the contest we got to see the trailer which for some people (not naming names!) was the first chance they’d had. We were cheering, clapping, laughing, the whole shebang and then Sean Harry comes on the mike and says that he wants us to do exactly the same thing the next day when it was shown again because UIP were going to be there filming…

Yup. They were there filming for the DVD extras for the release of Serenity. I wasn’t interviewed or anything (unlike some others at the con) but during a couple of the guest talks I was almost doubled over laughing and when I looked up the camera was right on me…. So there’s a damn good chance I’ll be centre-shot on the crowd scenes!

But the best thing about the weekend has to be the people who were there – Nathan manages to make everyone feel at home and comfortable around him, he was apparently training to be a teacher before he gave it all up to be an actor. Gotta say, he’d have been an excellent teacher! (well, possibly not ‘cause he swears like a trooper!). He and Chris were both still in the bar chatting to people when we left on the Saturday night (and that was well after 1am!)

Sunday morning – Becks and I got up earlier than the other two and went back to the convention hall to queue up for tickets to the next convention. We were pretty much at the front of the queue – there were only something like 3 or 4 in front of us but since they were buying multiple tickers we ended up with numbers 16-19. Which means we’re well within the first 200 limit for the exclusive cocktail party meet ‘n’ greet at Serenity Squared in November. Already confirmed for that one are Nathan, Summer, Sean Maher and Christina Hendricks (Saffron) and others want to come back depending on work commitments! Yay! Up close and personal – I’m counting the days already!

I’m rambling now and I’ve no clue what I’m trying to say anymore so I think I may just leave it there. As and when more things pop into my head I may well make more posts! (And I may even scan in the pictures of me with the cast if I ever get over how horrible my hair is!)

new Serenity wallpaper - this is actually what I printed out onto tshirt transfer paper and am currently wearing. It works pretty well as a wallpaper though!
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