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Bright lights! Bright lights!

So I sat out at the front of the library for tea break there - absolutely glorious sunshiney day (bit breezy, but hey, what can you do?) I walk back in at the end of tea break and now I can't see.

Seriously, it's like looking through a blue exclusion layer (for all the photoshop geeks!) Everything has this yellow tone to it and the world is just not focusing right. Joy.

Other work stuff - I walked through the other office to get to the water cooler and the woman sitting in there literally squeaked a couple of times and looked at me like she was expecting an answer. Turns out she was commenting on my hair. By squeaking. Sigh.

In other news, the Tories actually came a relatively close second to Labour in my constituency which I have to say I find really scary. And UKIP actually got a worrying number of votes there as well.

(I keep getting interrupted - this was actually started an hour ago so I'm going to leave it at that!)

eta so the interruptions I've been having? I have to share...

one - "I'm trying to get access to this article on the Ingenta site but the page isn't loading. Can you send me the article by email?" Uh, no! What I can do is help you work out why the page isn't loading and then realise that as soon as I ask "What browser are you using? Internet Explorer, Netscape, something else?" and you say "How do I find that out?" that I'm pretty much going to have to hold you hand through the entire process... Turns out the article isn't even on the site because it's a three line letter to the journal rather than an article... The person asking the question isn't happy.

two - question is asked: "How do I get to the stores forms?" someone else answers "go through libnet" (libnet is the library's intranet) response is "I thought I had it bookmarked but it's not there anymore." Response (not from me) "That's odd, all the profiles were fixed before L emailed everyone" Around about this point I can't sit still anymore and have to ask "did you see the email L sent about having to restart your computer?" and the glaiket one replies "I don't normally have my email open..." My head hit the desk.

(explanation - we had a problem with one of the servers this morning and the profiles didn't load properly when people logged on, so bookmarks, files saved to personal profiles and the like didn't load. We chased up the IT department and when it was fixed my boss (L) sent an email round telling everyone it was fixed and that they should restart their computers. This person barely knows what a mouse is but she's been told to always have her email open because of things like this.)

three - our office is a really odd design in that it used to be a wide corridor before the put up a partition wall and put desks in it. Now it means that there's a howling wind coming through it whenever anyone leaves the door open and since L and my desks are pretty close to the door we get the brunt of it. One guy comes barging into the office, leaves the door wide open and goes up to the far end of the room to talk about football with the guy sitting up there. For ten minutes at a time. All morning. It's really really pissing me off now.

four - me (on seeing the graduate trainee about to put a journal on the wrong shelf): "Put that journal part in the MOPs Tray, they keep it in their office."
GT: "Why - it's not one of their subjects?"
Me: "It goes missing from the library a lot and they are the nearest staff point to where it should be."
GT: "I think I better check the record, I mean how do you know?"
Me: "Because I do." (added in my head by 'because I've worked in the library for nearly five years, was in charge of your department for three of those years and was one of those who agreed put the frelling note in the record telling staff to make sure that particular journal goes to the MOPs office. You silly bint.')

other than that my work day is peachy! No, really, it is. Who am I trying to convince here? If it's me? So not convinced...
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