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Tell me why...

...I don't like Mondays....


Okay, so I forgot all about the clocks going forward until about 10 o'clock last night, so that was really 11 o'clock and I wasn't in the slightest bit sleepy. I'm working on a couple of fic ideas and watching "John Carpenter's: Vampires" (not as bad as a lot of people make out - but then I think James Woods is a fantastic actor so...) and my brain's going a mile a minute.

Knowing I had to get up at 5.30 am I figured I should probably hit the hay and at least try to sleep. In bed, staring at the ceiling, thinking "Hey, this random thought would work for that story!" so I put the light on, grab the notepad and write about 400 words or so of dialogue. Leave it at a point that should be easy enough to pick up from and turn the light off again.

Ten minutes later I'm still wide awake and thinking when random thoughts ended up prompting me to again put the light on and reach for the notepad. For a totally different story...

This went on for about two hours before I finally decided sod it, got up, typed up what I'd scribbled and made some hot chocolate.

Now I'm still wide awake, sitting at my desk at work and only just realising how hungry all this late-night writing has made me! Add to that the fact that one of the servers didn't reboot at the weekend so I can only do about half of what I want right now - my email's down, my link to the web catalogue is down... not fun!

So I'm bored, tired and hungry, still having random fic related thoughts and wondering why it is I don't like Mondays...
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