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Fuck it!

I just deleted something I shouldn't have deleted. Something it took me ages to compile. Bloody csv files! Who on Earth decided that a comma would be a good seperator?! Some of us - like for instance everyone - actually use commas for normal grammatical reasons!!!

List of journals - downloaded in CSV format 'cause it's all the site offered. I spent ages going through the file and taking out the commas from the journal titles (commas which should have been there) so that it wouldn't throw off the csv thing and put them all in different columns.

First thing this morning I went over my bad habit of saving files to the desktop and deleted stuff I didn't need. Then I cleaed out the recycle bin. Turns out that painstaking comma removed csv file was among the files I had on my desktop. I could download it again but right now? So past caring.

Fuck it.

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