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New icon community!

aaronlisa  has set up a few new icon communities over the last few days and I've volunteered to co-mod one of them! zeppo_stillness  - an icon challenge community for Xander Harris icons. We'll be posting the first challenge once we get a few more members so please - come join!

Also? If you have any screencaps/blanks/promo pics you'd like to donate to it just give is a shout!

Yesterday my afternoon off was fun - I did absolutely nothing! Well, that's a lie, I watched I, Robot. 'Twas funny - not 100% sure it was meant to be funny, but I laughed anyway!

All in? spent the day finding funny stuff on the net and drinking beer. My kind of afternoon. *g*

(ETA Forgot to say - _inthedarkness folks? Can you let me know a good time for you all to be around? (And keep in mind I suck at working out the time differences!) I want to set up something rileysaplank and I discussed way back - having a little meeting on a weekly basis. Not a group post - just a quick chat.)
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