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Happy Birthday Alex/Sam!

Happy Birthday smhwpf

Saw the Veronica Mars finale in the early hours of this morning. Can you say left field? I liked it, I think. I may have to watch it again when I'm slightly more awake (or at least caffeinated) to process it properly. I can buy Aaron being the killer, but the motive just seemed to come from nowhere. Okay we had all the hints (although hints is so not the word I want to use here!) that Lily was a nympho but still... Aaron? I have two other problems with the episode - where was Wallace most of the time and what's the deal with Weevil and Veronica - she knew that he would go after Logan but she didn't say anything. At the bridge, when she called Logan but couldn't get through surely she'd have (at that point) considered the fact that perhaps she could call Weevil?

Final point - I don't know about the USA but here in the UK one of the first things that gets drummed into a young girl driving on her own is this: Always check the back seat is empty before you get into the car!

Veronica is not stupid, far from it, and yes she had other things on her mind at the time but come on? We're supposed to blindly accept that she wouldn't automatically be aware of her own security - especially at a time like that?! Gah!

Still, I did like it... I think.

ETA - in honour of the finale? new icon! Made by brokenrecord__

And in non-Veronica Mars news... I started a new diet last night. I plan to stick to this one and it claims that my goal weight will be reached by 15th June. I'm a little suspicious of that date since it's only a month away, but the projected weight loss is fairly sensible (1 to 2 pounds a week) so I guess it's possible. Anyway, wish me luck!
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