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WKA Update - important

This happened last year as well but I let it slide because it was only one or two people who did it. This year, however, the number hit double digits so I'm going to do something about it.

Using the <img src=> tag  and linking to a picture on someone else's website is bandwidth theft, whether that person is paying for their web hosting or not. Since I am paying for web hosting, this is ultimatlely costing me money and - probably more important for you guys - runs the risk of hitting my bandwidth limit and taking all my sites - including INAP - offline. (I don't mean people loading the images onto photobucket etc and 'linking' back to WKA, that's fine. It's just the people who are using <img src=" ....">

I understand completely that some of you might not have your own webpace but still want to show off your banners. If that's the case, please let me know before the end of today because I'm about to change the addresses of the banners so that anyone hotlinking to them is going to get broken images by tonight. Once that's done, I'll be implementing a randomiser which will periodically change the address of the images so that this doesn't happen again.

What I will do for people who need it - and who ask me - is set up stable locations in a folder no one else will know about it.

If you ask me, I'll probably say yes.
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