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Thursdays suck

It should be official, every work place should allow its employees a day when they come in, snap at everyone, be completely bitchy and not feel guilty. That day should be named as Thursday. Hell, I do it every week anyway - wouldn't take much for the rest of the word to toe the line...

It's bucketing down with rain for the first time in weeks which of course means that no one is driving over 20 mph meaning that traffic is just an absolute bloody nightmare. A 45 minute journal took an hour and fifteen minutes, and forced me to stop off at Starbucks to buy coffee only to find that the girl hadn't put the extra shot in like I asked. She charged me for it though...

So today sucks.

Oh, and if you were wondering where I stand on the stock debate? Definitely not - no way on this earth. Nor do I salt the water, I sometimes put a drizzle of olive oil in but other than that? Nothing. Matt/Monkey on the other hand, not only cooks it in stock but also salts the water as well. He likes to think of himself as a good cook as well... (I will cook rice in stock, depending on the type of rice)

Last thing to say - voting has now started for the first challenge at zeppo_stillness; - we had a great turnout for the first challenge and these guys worked hard on their icons. Please go show them your support! (you do have to join in order to vote, but it's quick and painless!) - and in other voting news, WKA voting is ticking over nicely. I'm really pleased to see that every single category is being tightly fought - there's no real runaway winners even at this early stage. To my mind that shows promise in the quality of nominations this time around!
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