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Oh sweet lord!

The clips they filmed at Starfury: Serenity are up at the Browncoats AV room.

smileawhile? you and me are among the first people you can see on the fricking screen! acrazywench is kinda hidden by the person in front of her and engelsteorra is not in shot at all...

I literally have tears in my eyes right now - I wanna be back there now!!!!

(and the sweet couple who were sitting next to us are featured quite a lot in the clips!)

ETA Damn, I'd forgotten how funny Morena is!

(and could they have featured Chainmail woman any more?!)

ETA again Okay so at the very end when everyone stands to give them a huge round of applause, you can clearly see acrazywench and engelsteorra (and unfortunately a very clear shot of me as well...)

I really hope this makes it onto the DVDs now!
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