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Okay, I'm making use of the lightheadedness I'm still suffering from to make some icons for icons100 - I'm focusing on Xander ones right now although I did get accepted for River ones as well - yay!

Anyway. The themes. One of the themes is 'embrace' and I automatically zoned in on the end of Grave - the hug at the top of the Bluff. Only problem with that is that the way the scene is framed it's very much centred on Willow rather than Xander. What d'you think, he's clearly an integral part of the scene but if I use a picture from it will it be a Xander icon or a Willow one?

And if it's too heavily on the Willow side of the issue, have you got any suggestions for another scene to use?

Four icons, four completely different styles. And I can't decide which fits the theme best. The Becoming II option, again he has his back to the camera for the entire shot so I chose not to use that one.

I like them all personally, although the Primeval one is a little on the dark side (as in colouring) but still, I do like it.

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