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PC playing up

I think the extra long download tiume may have overheated some circuits somewhere so I'll be offline as soon as I post the winners for zeppo_stillness  (btw, aaronlisa - want me to post a new challenge as well?) but just had to say - I liked Lost. A lot.

The editing was so much better than I've seen in weeks previously and... I figured it was Walt 'The Others' were after rather than Turniphead, but I figured it was Jin who was the red shirt, not Sawyer. The whole night scene on the raft, it felt as though they were building to a huge jump scare - I had my back firmly against the chair as I watched that part so I wouldn't shiver - they played it really well I thought.

Anyway - will watch it again and process it some more, right now though - I liked it a lot (even if I now want to strangle Charlie)

ETA I'm not going to be able to post the winners tonight - we've got a helluva storm on the way so I'm battening down the hatches. aaronlisa - I can do it tomorrow morning if you like (assuming I'm not blown away to Oz or something!)
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