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someone stop me - please?

Man, this ended up being longer than I intended it to be, so I'm going to be nice to my Flist and put it behind cuts...

So I was in a bit of a writing mood yesterday and got some more work done on Crimson Regret (which I will post the next part of soon - definitely at some point today) and then moved onto an ongoing crossover fic I'm working on (sorry willowmina it's not Worlds Collide - although it occurs to me I never posted the second chapter of that here!) and then I thought about what emeraldswan said jokingly about me writing a Nhamo ficlet (Nhamo being my OC for the End of Days RPG)

I wrote out a possible outline plan for this 'ficlet' - the plan is over five pages long. This is no ficlet. I started writing it last night and got back into Nhamo's head surprisingly quickly. It's a fun place to be!

So I have an odd, random request. Nhamo is Zimbabwean, I have a few people around her who are also Zimbabwean but I need names for them and I suck at names, especially foreign ones. Does anyone know any good Zimbabwean forenames and surnames ? (Both tribal and not) At the moment I desperately need a male tribal name, and a surname for a military supporter of President Mugabe.

Plus - I did a quick search on some of my librarian-honed resource sites looking for national newspapers in Zimbabwe and the vast majority of the links are broken (which, given the current political situation, doesn't really surprise me) does anyone know the political standpoint of the major papers there? I'm thinking the Independent would be principally an opposition paper while the Chronicle would support the government (I'm basing that on the names and the fact that the Independent's site is down while the Chronicle seems to be working perfectly). One of the characters I'm writing is a journalist and I want him to be working for an opposition paper.


(I'm stuck at work today on a sunny bank holiday Monday - how much does that suck?!)

White Knight Awards update - at this stage in the voting last year I could have started to make the winners' banners in most categories because the leader in each category stayed that way pretty much from the start. This time around? Nope. Every category changes on a daily basis. Just when I think one fic/author is going to walk away with it, another gets five votes and overtakes them, and then another, and another.

Makes life complicated for me in that I'm going to be making the banners all in one day again (I'm determined to tailor each banner to the winner as much as possible) but on the other hand it brings a huge smile to my face because to me, the fact that it's being so hotly contested shows the quality of the fics in each category!

So if you haven't voted yet, please do so! (You have until June 25th - I wanted to give people the time to read all the entrants before making a decision so there's no real rush right now - I just like the little happy I get when I see the results change all the time!)
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