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sleepy... at work... someone stop me curling up in the corner of the office and napping today?

Cinema last night to see RotS - I liked it. But. Next week it's the turn of Sin City. I was on the verge of cancelling my cinema pass since I don't think I've used it this year yet and I'm paying a tenner a month for it. I may change my mind and go see every single thing that's on over the next couple of weeks (and yes, that includes Mysterious Skin). Then again, whenever I make plans like that I never end up keeping them. Maybe I should just cancel the card and sign for up a better DVD rental thingy (hints at engelsteorra )

We have a white board in our office to mark up who's on leave or taking flexi time so that we know who's in the office. This white board is next to my desk and since I'm one of the first people in I'm usually the one who marks it up in the morning. Today I came in and there was someone else in first. He'd cleaned off yesterdays info (everyone but me and engelsteorra was off - the board was full!) and written up that he was leaving early. And that was it. The diary was (and still is) on my desk next to the marker pen - it would have taken all of two seconds to mark up the rest of it... *sigh*

Still got the headache I had on Sunday, now it's just a nagging pain rather than blinding agony, but a two day headache is clearly not of the good. Need to stop hitting my head off the desk so much. *g*

My boss is off for two weeks, she finished on Friday. Before she left she gave me a bunch of stuff that needed to be done while she was away. I did it all yesterday when no one was around. Odd how when other people are here I don't really get as much done as I'd like but when I'm working alone I race throught it. So now I have two weeks of marking time and trying to find something to justify my existence in the library. Either that or go to the meetings abour voluntary redundancy they're having. One weeks pay per year I've worked here is what they're saying - that's five weeks pay. Not that great a severence package really. Definitely not enough to pay the first month's lease on the bookshop. (yes, I'm enough of a book geek that my ultimate goal is to have my own small bookshop - and if it ends up being like Black Books? Well, at least I'd get to sit around drinking wine and swearing at people all day!)

I was really bad and didn't make any more icons over the weekend. I have my laptop with me today to make a start on some River ones but I don't know how much I'll get done. I now have a quota of 31 for this week - 20 River ones, 11 Xander ones. Plus I want to enter zeppo_stillness so that's another 3 Xander ones. I need more hours in the day!
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