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Another day wasted! Gah! Had to get the car fixed, poor thing just wasn't doing too well - needed to get a tyre replaced and the heater switch fixed so I booked it in to the nearest Ford garage to make sure they had the parts neeed - a good 35 miles away. Convenient!

So I get there about 9.30 this morning and leave my mobile number so they can contact me when it's ready. It's raining so I head across to the coffee shop in the Asda that's just across the road and grab a coffee. I knew I'd have to wait a little bit so I'd actually taken a notepad along with me and began working on one of my fics. (And yes I did feel a little like JK Rowling sitting writing in a coffee shop - wierd feeling!)

Two hours and four coffees later my phone rings - it's the garage asking exactly what "my husband" had said was wrong with the heater. I explained I wasn't married and told them what *I'd* said was wrong with it. The girl on the other end of the phone was all apologetic and explained they were just taking it in to look it over now...

So I phone my sister to come pick me up because I don't think the staff at Asda would have appreciated me sitting in the corner of the coffee shop in my by now highly caffeinated state. She gets lost on the way to the place and has to keep phoning me to ask for directions. Just as she gets there the garage calls again and says they need to replace the whole switch panel - fine no problem, little more than I was hoping to pay but I thought they might have to do that so I was fine with it. Then she says they've run a "Visual helath check" over the car and noticed one of the brake lights was out and the brake pads were jammed - did I want them fixed as well?

I told her to go ahead with it and ask how long it'd be. Mid afternoon she says, about 2.30. It's now nearly half five and I've only just got back to the house (well, been in for about half an hour or so)I hate mechanics!!!!

I was supposed to be going out with folks from work for a drink to celebrate getting paid (believe me, at my work you take any excuse to celebrate getting out of the building for a while!) but by the time I get myself sorted and get up to Glasgow the first of the early leavers will be gone so I guess it'll just have to be the next time! (Sharon - Trina, Matt and I were talking about going to Kublai Khan's one night soon - are you up for that?)

So, now I have to get on with all this web desing stuff I had planned for today plus finish the fic I was writing today - which wasn't even a work in progress but seems to be turning into a prequel for What a Difference a Day Makes (the third part of which is also being written!) plus take a look at the beta'd version of Things... which Jackie sent back earlier today (thanks Jackie!)

Right, randomness seems to be taking over so I'm off to go grab something to eat before I get stuck in with anything else!
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