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so, I'm not at Club Noir. I'm not even at engelsteorra's house getting ready to got o Club Noir. Instead I'm sitting here burning up and a little bit blown away by the latest episode of Doctor Who!

I'm glad they did the whole recap thing about the number of mentions of Bad Wolf there's been 'cause I missed them apart from the helicopter pilot iin the Dalek episode.

It's a shame in a way that they've given it such an early timeslot since it means there's a lot of things they can't really show or have to cut back on - although I just watched Doctor Who Confidential and apparently the only thing the BBC censors asked them to cut was the shot of Cap'n Jack's bum. (and just where was he hiding that gun anyway? *g*)

I thought the whole piss-take on reality TV was hilarious - even if it turns out Russell T. Davies actually likes reality tv apparently. The whole back-stabbing and tactical voting in the Weakest Link played brilliantly (although I just thinking how bizarre it was to see the Marquis de Carabas standing there... serves me right for watching Neverwhere again!)

All in all, really good episode, feels like Eccleston is finally getting into the character. Shame next week is his last outing in the role, huh?

Right - I'm now going to go curl up again and go sleep this off...

edit Edited to use my new Dalek icon. Made by me. From my own screencap. *g*
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