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INAP Banner Re-Design Competition

It's time for a revamp and INAP needs a new banner. That's where you guys come in.

Feeling artistic? Design a banner for INAP, the only stipulation is that it features Xander and the site name. Everything else is up to you! It can be shippy, episodic, simple, elaborate, funny, melancholic - anything really!

The current layouts will remain an option for you to use when you log in to the site, but it's time we had some more options.

The entries will be compiled and put up for anonymous public voting. The winners will be fully credited and if you have your own site we will link across to you.

The rules: Anything goes! For maximum audience impact I would say make your banner larger than 300 pixels wide and no more than 800 pixels wide. Try to keep manipulations for a general audience level as we do have a lot of teenagers visiting the site. Include at least one image of Xander (or Nicholas Brendon) and the site name. Files should be saved preferably in gif or jpeg format as they tend to be smaller file size (and faster loading on each page) than png and bmp files.

You have until the end of July to enter - plenty of time! Email your submissions (note, this is not the usual email address for the site) by 31st of July 2005.

Useful resources:
Nicholas Brendon: The Devotion - gallery
Brendon Daily LiveJournal community
The Chosen Two - Xander gallery
FreezeFrame Network (screencaps)
Screencap Paradise - BtVS index
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