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Check me out - being all proactive like!

We have a staff meeting scheduled tomorrow in our department and, despite the fact half the staff are dropping like flies from some dreaded lurgy (probably caused by me spreading my germs everywhere...), we're going ahead with it.

There's no agenda at the moment so after another session of hearing people say "I hope they bring this up at the meeting!" I grabbed a notepad and started scribbling down everything they've suggested. So now I'm organizing the agenda... Which means I can subvert the agenda - potentially in an Unholy-esque way...

Right now though, I'm being all supervisorly - it's odd. I mean, I am a supervisor in this place but I tend to keep my head down and go with the flow (and then bitch about it on here!) but today I've done loads of supervisorly type things - I'm even co-ordinating with other departments in the library now - check me out!

I'm also exceptionally bored. My task for the day was supposed to be downloading usage statistics. It normally takes a full day and I was done by lunchtime. So now? Bored.

Serioulsy contemplating opening a word document and getting the next part of Crimson Regret on paper instead of whirling round my head...

Oh - if you haven't spotted it yet, there's a snippet of Nick Brendon's new show Kitchen Confidential doing the rounds. I forget the exact link, but I know a bunch of you have already linked to it and it's also on Whedonesque. Looks better than I thought it could be!
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