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Two hours

To the guy driving the dark blue Volvo who was being an arse by not letting people (ie me) out on the sliproad at the Clyde Tunnel - it's arseholes like you who cause traffic jams in the first place!!!

(translation - there was an accident on the road to the tunnel just at 5pm so traffic was backed up almost to Edinburgh (okay - slight exaggeration but when you're sitting in it and it's just not moving it definitely feels like!) People were stuck on the sliproad from the Clydeside Expressway and were merging with the traffic coming up off Dumbarton Road. Except this one arse (and others like him) refused to let anyone merge. He was driving so close to the car in front of him that he's bloody lucky he didn't run into her!)

Basically, I've been sitting in my car for two hours. Barely moving. And then I get to the village before mine and there's a bunch of idiots blocking the road to pick up their little darlings from the school from footie practice. I swear the car that pulled out in front of me went maybe one hundred yards down the road before turning into their driveway.

A hundred yards. Yeah, so it's raining but it's not a freaking monsoon for crying out loud! I'm sure little Tarquin would have coped with a little bit of rain!! (I have no idea what the kid's name was, the way his mother was driving it felt like she'd call her kid Tarquin...)

So yeah, I'm pissed off and hungry now. Felt like I had to share...

emeraldswan - I saw your email, I'll take a look once I've had something to eat and send it back to you asap!
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