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The amazing yo-yoing cough

Yesterday morning this irritating as hell cough had shifted into my throat, leading me to not double over in pain every time it hit and to think that maybe I was finally going to shake it. And then it shifted again, back down into my lungs where it now seems intent on setting up permanent residence. I discovered yesterday that the bottle on Benylin I've been guzzling on since last week actually has a BBE date of September. 2004.

Probably explains why it knocked me for six on Thursday then!

Did absolutely bugger all yesterday afternoon, got home, made some lunch, curled up on the couch and fell asleep watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I kinda hate programmes which go for the obvious manipulative heart-string-yanking, but there's something about that show that still brings a lump to my throat. Maybe I really am a sentimental idiot at heart.

I have actually run out of things to do at work. It's worrying me a little because I'm sure there's something blatantly obvious that I've forgotten to do and it will doubtless come back and bite me in a week's time... Or maybe I'm just so damn good at my job that I can get through a full day's tasks in the first half hour of the day. Yeah, that must be what it is.

Looks like I must have spread my germs to everyone over the past week or so. We're not the biggest department in the world, 15 staff members. Two of them are part time and only work the beginning of the week so are never in on a Thursday, three others have taken today as annual leave, and four others have called in sick. We're kinda short staffed today and I still have nothing to do!

At least it'll give me a chance to finally clear out the three in trays on my desk though!

ETA I miss photography! I just had to pop down to the university photographic unit to collect a CD of a high-res image we're going to use in the Freshers' Fair promo stuff and the smell of the developing fluid? Wow!

My dad used to be a really good amateur photographer and he developed his own pictures. I got the bug from him but I'm a crap photographer! It's been years since I've done any development or anything as well - after being down in the PU? I think I'm going to get out all the old equipment and set up my dark room again!
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