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Doctor Who

Finale just finished.

Still processing.

As I just said to emeraldswan  - Oh. My. Sweet. Lord.

I never watched Doctor Who as a kid, my generation's doctor was Tom Baker and he scared the crap out of me with his staring eyes so I never watched it as a kid. I did watch the millennium Paul McGann thing and quite enjoyed it despite what I saw at the time as the 'americanization' of it.

So even though I'm way too old to say this, my 'Doctor' is Christopher Eccleston.

And damn if he isn't a great doctor! I had my doubts, when I heard he was cast I was more than a little skeptical - yes, he's done a lot of TV work, but I never watched 'Our Friends in the North'. I know him from Shallow Grave which rocks my socks - it's one of my top five favourite films. Anything else I've seen him in (28 Days Later and other films) he's been a complete psycho, I didn't think he'd be able to pull it off, but he so has.

My nephew who's 2 and a half loves this show, almost as much as me. I saw him today but I can't wait to have a conversation with him about the finale!

I'm so psyched about this - and I'm not on any Doctor Who forums or anything.

And just for willowmina and anyone else who's not seen it yet I'm cutting the rest (although it's not much, need to watch it again to process more!)
Cap'n Jack, Rose, the Doctor.... they killed 'em all int the last two-parter! Bloody hell!

Oh, and if there are Doctor Who slashers out there? The Cap'n Jack/Doctor kiss? So aimed at you guys!!

They have to go back for him! They can't leave him there!

The changeover with Chris Eccleston to David Tennant? Yeah, he can be the Doctor. Maybe.

Okay - gone monosyllabic now - have to go watch it again.

Just want to leave you with a quote:

Dalek: Exterminate!!!

Jack: Yeah, kinda figured that.

And as Simon Pegg just said on Doctor Who Confidential: Goodybe Doctor Number Nine, You've been a Northern Star.
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