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I have my guitar!!!!

It arrived, it's gorgeous, and it's all mine!

I know - you're sitting there thinking WTF? Guitar?! I hadn't mentioned it 'cause I wanted to wait till it got here. Long story short, I used to play a very long time ago. Things got in the way, my guitar was given away to someone who could actually use it.

I missed it.

Ten years later, I missed it so much I got another. It's not the guitar I had since I was 14, the one my dad bought second hand for fifteen quid from the local newspaper for me to learn on, but it's mine. It's not tuned properly yet, because I can't find my tuning pipes (may have to get some more since it's so long since I've had any need for them!) but I tuned it by ear and it sounds so... rich.

I think I love my guitar!
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