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Steve Carlson

Okay, so all of you who know me even a little bit know that I'm a big fan of Kane - Christian Kane's band. Steve Carlson is the other member of the band and he's just released his own solo album called "Spot in the Corner" and I promised alltherealicea review of it so here goes!

First and foremost, I really like this album! I was singing along with it on the first listen and I've not really listened to anything else since I got it! It sounds a little like it's self produced and every now and then there's a bit of background static but it's not at all irritating. alltherealice thought he sounded a little like Kenny Rogers on the soundbytes that are on his site and there is a hint of that but it's not overpowering at all. (Which is just as well since I don't really like Kenny Rogers all that much!) Okay, lemme go at this a song at a time:

Under You Really showcases Steve's guitar skills, nice soft simple song which is a good introduction to the tone of the album - very dreamy and sweet with a hint of sadness "But now there's dying roses on the bed and the sheets still smell of you..."

Chloe Bowed Her Head Steve mentioned at the Senior Partners Convention that he really like the Eagles and you can really tell in this song. Good song, probably not one of my favourites on the album but it's not one I would skip to be honest.

Pinata Novia I've actually heard this song performed live - Chris played guitar while Steve sang it at the SP con. That might be why this one is my favourite on the album, the lyrics are odd, the melody is deceptively simple but I love it!
I don't know why
I'm always trying
To get inside of you
Pinata Novia
Sorry I'm breaking you open
But it's just what you want me to do

Come Around More Alabama Most obviously "Country" track on the album for my money and my least favourite. Kinda repetitive, this might end up being a track I'll skip in the future but that's a long way off before that happens!

Radio in my head this is another one which is a little repetitive but I love it anyway! I think it might be the lyrics - they just make me smile!
Mostly I just sang along with the radio in my head
I never heard a single word she said
No concience just a jukebox there instead
On this radio in my head

I've learned to love So damn sweet! I'm a cynical bitch most of the time but this song melts me every time I hear it!
I just called to let you know
That everything's okay
Tried before a thousand times
But I could never say...

Kinda Crazy These Days Another really sweet one and by this point in the album you get the impression that Steve's the kind of guy who wears his heart on his sleeve.
These memories of you have got me
Blinded by love
And the thought of life without you's got me
Muted by fear

Plus it has the best line ever - S'kinda hazy these days, 100 proof and smoke fumes fill my head

Ballad of Denim Boy and Grey Girl Despite the strange title this is a really good love song. One of those songs that actually has a story behind it that leaves you itching to know just what happend in the backyard party that Saturday night when the boy in old blue jeans found the girl in all grey...

Sounds So Good The most up-tempo song on the album which is one you just can't help singing along to -helps that the chorus is so simple. (again with the sweetness!)

Sometimes "I love you" sounds so good
Say it over and over and over again
Until it all sinks in
When we end this call
the teardrops fall
and cling onto your chin
I know you should leave me
And I know you prob'ly would
But sometimes "I love you" sounds so good

Spot in the Corner title song and yet it's the second last one on the album, this throws me a little to be honest. Reallly good song, another slow soft one which is sweet enough that youo should probably be booking a visit with the dentist sometime soon!

Without You I want to be able to make fanvideos now purely so that I can promote this song on every possible forum I know of! It is perfection itself. Beautiful lyrics, incredible melody, fantastic timing - there is no wrong with this song at all.

I’m not used to all this pain
a gentle breeze may blow my way
and though it grows with every day
it kinda makes me go insane

But you
the object of my stare
and you
the answer to my prayers
cause I’ve been there
without you

I remember all the days that came
before you became all my life
all the things you would not compromise
you rubbed your eyes
you said goodbye before your time

When I saw you
the object of my stare
and you
the answer to my prayers
cause I’ve been there
without you
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