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To quote Puppet Angel

Stupid plastic piece of crap!

My strimmer (weed- whacker to those of you on the other side of the pond) was a really good one, but about three weeks ago I cracked the plastic casing right at the handle so I couldn't use it anymore. I went out and bought a new one. (A cordless one no less) and was in the mood for actually getting some done this morning. (Well, to be honest it was either make an effort or never go out of the door when any of my neighbours can see me 'cause there's no way we're going for the "Scotland in Bloom" contest this year - mostly 'cause of my garden... *g*)

Anyways, I was out for 15 minutes and the new cordless strimmer really is a stupid plastic piece of crap. It crapped out on me every thirty seconds. I'm going to have to admit defeat and call in a gardener I think. Joy.

It gives me more time to do some plaques for WKA I guess (even if Photoshop is doing it's 'I'll subvert every single thing you try to do and make it look ugly as sin' thing.) I'm planning on going down the personalised route again - at least for this round.

Anyone know any gardeners who won't do half a job then disappear with no trace? (I'm beginning to think it's something to do with me - three guys have done that to me, and one actually had the cheek to come back last year and say "I did your garden last year, will you be wanting me to do it again?")
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