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The winners' plaques I made yesterday? Suck. I'll be remaking them today, as well as the other 44. Once I get started on them again, and get a good start, it'll be fine. I just don't want to throw out half-done plaques just to get them done, especially since the actual winners? I'm so chuffed to see their names there! (Am I being mean teasing you like that?)

The car accident I had in February? The garage finally booked me in to get the repairs done today. Except I got home on Friday to find a message on my machine saying the courtesy car wouldn't be ready so could I come in on Tuesday instead. Uh, no actually, I can't. I took today off work for this (also getting my blood tests done today to see if my blood sugar's under control - I'm going to go with a big no on that one...) so I just called the garage. Got a sob story about how the woman who has the courtesy car right now is a teacher so she couldn't pick up her own car on Friday when she was supposed to. Fair enough, maybe she couldn't get away but hey - the garage is open on Saturday morning.

So I'm dropping my car off this evening at 5 and if she's not there? I'm going to kick up such a fuss they'll have to get me another car or have me arrested for breach of the peace.

I'm not usually in the house at this time during the week, normally I'm in the office by now, so I don't know how regular this is but going on what he's like at the weekends, I've come to the conclusion my neighbour is a f*ckhead. Phil Collins. In the Air Tonight. Very, very, very loud. And turned up on the drum solo there - nice! </sarcasm>

He didn't seem to appreciate me turning up Damien Rice in retaliation, least it wasn't The Clash this time (meaning that last time I got into a music war with the neighbour I had the Clash playing pretty loudly, he had the Bee Gees)...

ETA He's playing the same damn track on a loop. Over and over again... *headdesk*

2nd Edit - for my own reference

New Author Winner
New Author Runner-Up
Slash Author Winner
Slash Author Runner-Up
Het Author Winner
Het Authou Runner-Up
Overall Author Winner
Overall Author Runner-Up
Site Winner
Site Runner-Up
Academically Dangerous Winner
Academically Dangerous Runner-Up
Where Do We Go From Here? Winner
Where Do We Go From Here? Runner-Up
World Without Shrimp Winner
World Without Shrimp Runner-Up
Bad-Ass Vamp Winner
Bad-Ass Vamp Runner-Up
Sometimes I Shouldn't Say Words Winner
Sometimes I Shouldn't Say Words Runner-Up
Perspective Guy Winner
Perspective Guy Runner-Up

Crazy Whirligig of Fun Winner
Crazy Whirligig of Fun Runner-Up
Guess Who Just Got Mean? Winner
Guess Who Just Got Mean? Runner-Up
That Was Great, I Gotta Shower Winner
That Was Great, I Gotta Shower Runner-Up
Epic Winner
Epic Runner-Up
All About The Journey Winner
All About The Journey Runner-Up
Ludicrous & Far Too Breakable Winner
Ludicrous & Far Too Breakable Runner-Up
Drama Winner
Drama Runner-Up
Flying Buttress of Support Winner
Flying Buttress of Support Runner-Up
I Like the Quiet Winner
I LIke the Quiet Runner-Up
How? What? How? Winner
How? What? How? Runner-Up
Yanni CD & a Bottle of Chianti Winner
Yanni CD & a Bottle of Chianti Runner-Up
Unfinished Winner
Unfinished Runner-Up
Het Pairing Winner
Het Pairing Runner-Up
Slash Pairing Winner
Slash Pairing Runner-Up
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