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Stand back and watch the sky fall.

I really shouldn't listen to Muse when I'm already feeling a little pissed off with the world. Really hate the courtesy car, annoyed with people in general, my boss in particular. For the record L, I was telling you what I'd done, not asking how to do it. (Long, boring story which won't interest anyone - not even me.) Oh and also? What I do on my tea break is my own business. Sitting at my desk with my laptop has nothing to do with anything that's going on the office, just because it meant I was there when your so-far-in-the-closet-it's-not-even-funny 'boyfriend' called doesn't give you the right to snipe at me.

So yeah, pissed off and a little swamped right now. Sheer laziness and annoyance is stopping me making plaques - took a break for a while there because nothing was working out, now? Still not working out.

Off to go find another depressing 'me against the world' album to listen to. Radiohead anyone?

ETA I sound like such a moaning cow right now. Sorry. I love running the sites, I love making graphics, I love writing, they make me happy. It's when other things get in the way that I get cranky. Right now my job really sucks and I'm finding it harder and harder to justify getting out of bed in the morning because of that. Family life... well let's just say my sister and I are in a cordial 'talk about the weather' state right now. And yeah, for those of you following the saga? I still don't have a carpet.

RL is being a bitch right now, which is spilling over into me acting like I resent my online stuff - so not the case at all.
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