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Plagiarists strike again.

The three of us agree, there was a case of blatant plagiarism on INAP. The offending story has been deleted and the author has now been warned.

So again the question arises - what's the point of plagiarizing fanfic? No one's making any money from it, no one's getting a qualification from it, yes there are awards sites but are you really going to steal someone else's work just on the chance you win a banner?

I just don't get it.

Just in case anyone happens to stumble over this who might think about posting a plagiarized story on INAP - be aware I run a zero tolerance campaign on it. As soon as it's confirmed the story will be deleted, no warning. And I'll be watching the author like a hawk in the future. I know none of you would even think about doing it, I know you're as disgusted and irritated with the whole concept as I am, this is really just a public post for anyone not on my flist who might find me.

Plagiarize on INAP and your head'll spin at how quickly it's dealt with.
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