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Last post of the day

Off to Edinburgh tomorrow - driving in. That'll be fun! (it will be actually, it's just finding someplace safe to park that could be a problem!) I know I've told some of you but I got tickets for the Live8 Final Push concert which'll be at Murrayfield tomorrow. Should be hella fun!

I owe some of you emails and replies and the like - I will get to them, just might not be until Thursday at this rate. (And oh why did I not take Thursday off work? Why?! I may phone in from Edinburgh and ask for it...) Right now I'm off to walk my dog (no that's not a euphamism, I really am taking Dram for a walk) and then grab some sleep before an early morning in the morning.

emeraldswan - are you still going to be around on Thursday to chat and/or do that scene on ITD?
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