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Headache, sore throat, sore legs, sore shoulders, slightly dizzy, not able to conentrate.

But screw all that - I had an absolutely fantastic time yesterday!

It pissed down with rain in the queue (we got there at 10, doors opened at 5) and I only had a denim jacket. Bin bags and orange rainproof ponchos were employed when it was clear it was not going to stop at all, ever. Seriously, there were people building an ark just across the way....

Anyways, it was worth it - thanks to smileawhile's wonderful sister (who should consider trying out for the Olympics at the speed she can run!) we got right to the front, on the barrier, in the perfect spot.

The concert was amazing. I will go into more detail when I can actually string a sentence together but for now - just wow!

Apparently I was on TV a few times and am on the front of the Daily Record. Or so everyone who's spoken to me so far this morning is saying!

(and yes, I made it into work this morning, but hands up anyone who's surprised that I'm leaving at 12?)

ETA Stopped to pick up the Daily Record on my way home. Yes indeed I am on the front page. *sigh* (pretty large image file btw) Actually, although I hate seeing pictures of myself, I'm quite proud of that - I look awful, my hair had just dried out after being soaked in the rain, my jacket sleeves are obviously far too short, but in years to come I can bring out that newspaper and say "See? I was there."
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