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There's been several explosions on the London underground and a bus has also exploded. Details are sketchy about whether it's a terrorist attack or some other cause, but please send good thoughts to London.

On a personal level, a very good friend of mine uses the lines affected on a daily basis and I've not been able to get in touch with her since I heard. If any BBBers are in contact with Gil, can you let her know I'm worried about her?


Just heard from Gil - she's fine. She should have been on one of the trains but wasn't. She's fine.

Sho says:
Gil? Are you okay?
Gil says:
yeah fine hun - did you not get my email
Gil says:
shoulda been on one of the trains but fortunately wasnt
Sho says:
I left work at 12 so I didn't get to see it
Sho says:
{{hugs you tight}}
Gil says:
thanks hunny
Sho says:
everyone else?
Gil says:
yeah everyone i know is cool - couple of us were really lucky not to be there
Sho says:
bunch of people have asked me if you're okay - I've let them know. Jackie, Andy, Sam, Laura, Denise
Gil says:
bless them all - send them my love
Sho says:
I will indeed {{hugs you again}}
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