the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone (whiskyinmind) wrote,
the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone

Things Don't Always Turn Out That Way - 3/?

Arriving at the motel, she kept her eyes downcast, avoiding the leers from the manager. It was still early for her to be up and about; she was pretty much a night person after all. She hooked the key to her room from her pocket and pushed her way inside, she locked the door again and put the chain over to stop the sleaze following her in for his payment. She really didn't want to deal with him today.
"Hey Faith." She spun round quickly to see Xander sitting on the edge of her bed. Her face flushed as she realised she'd left if unmade and in an instant her eyes took in all the things she'd left lying about the room - her bra was still hooked over the bathroom door handle and those stained jeans were hanging over the shower rail.
"Hey." She replied weakly, "What's up, shouldn't you be doing the school thing?" The words came out of her mouth without checking with her brain first and she cringed inwardly at how lame she sounded. He just smiled though and replied,
"I kinda figured talking to you would be more important. Don't you?" She flushed again as she considered that he thought her important enough to skip school for. Before she could say anything he carried on. "I know last night didn't mean anything to you, but it did to me. I guess I just want to say thank you Faith." Her jaw dropped slightly; in all her fantasies about him she'd somehow forgotten that she'd shown him the door. He stood to leave and she realised she was about to lose her chance.

"Xander." He turned towards her, head down, not meeting her eyes. She wondered about that for a second - why was he avoiding her? "I'll be honest, last night it meant nothing to me. You were convenient, nothing more." There was a wince of almost-pain on his face but she carried on, "But now? I don't know why, but you've gotten to me. I don't want to think of you as convenient." She walked towards him slowly, and gently forced his chin up so that he'd meet her gaze. "Last night I wanted release, now, I want you." His eyes widened a little and the smile came back onto his face for a second. And then it was gone, replaced by doubt and a hint of confusion. The change in him was palpable, when she'd seen him at the school and later sitting on her bed waiting for her, he'd been sure of himself; but now the geek boy seemed to have made a return. He clearly wasn't used to compliments, and she wasn't used to giving them. Lost for words she locked her gaze with his and leaned forward. She brushed her lips gently against his, a not-kiss to show him she was serious. She found herself drowning in his eyes, they were a warm chocolate colour with gold flecks at the centre, they darkened as she gazed into them and she could see the self-doubt fade again to be replaced by something akin to desire. Before either of them knew what was happening she was kissing him, gently at first and then, as he began to respond in kind, more forcefully.

She gasped as his lips left hers and travelled over to her earlobe. She felt teeth as he nipped gently and then his tongue began to caress the sensitive area just behind her ear - damn he was good! Part of her silently thanked the cheerleader; it was clear that even though she hadn't screwed him, she had taught him a thing or two. Suddenly she realised they were moving, Xander was gently guiding her towards the bed and the thought that she really should change the sheets flitted across her mind before he kissed her again, and as his hands moved across the small of her back pulling her in tight against him she lost the ability to have any coherent thoughts.


The next few days were the best she'd ever known. It wasn't just about the sex either, although that was unbelievable - that boy was definitely a fast learner - she was happy in someone else's company for the first time that she could remember. They kept it quiet from everyone else - Faith was used to keeping secrets and something had changed in Xander, he was pulling away from the others in a way she could understand. He was growing past them. The two were together whenever possible, he would come with her on patrol and they'd end up back at the motel most nights, and truth be told most afternoons as well. Things were going so well that she knew from past experience that something would have to break. It always did.
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