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This is, apparently, my 15 minutes

Everyone gets their fifteen minutes of fame, right? This apparently is mine. So many people in the library have come up to me today and said "Were you at the concert in Edinburgh on Wednesday? I saw you on TV."

I even answered the phone earlier to a guy from IT looking for my boss. I explained she wasn't at her desk and he said "While I've got you on the phone... were you at the concert on Wednesday?"

I'm a strange state of mind right now, I guess most people not directly affected by the London bombing are. I don't want to be disrespectful, or to ignore what happened, but I don't want to let the bastards win by diverting me from my normal life, so I'm going to carry on as normal.

I tried to write this lunchtime, tried to work on one of my WIPs but ended up plotting out a whole new story instead. That is going to be a monster when it gets written, so much for me cutting down on the number of projects I'm working on...

There really is no point to this post, I'm not sure why I'm making it, but hey - it's all typed up now, I may as well post it.
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