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I just worked out that I need to finish both my projects for icons100 by Tuesday. Oooops. I have next to none of the River ones done and am severly lacking in inspiration for her - any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! The themes especially are kinda kicking my ass at the moment, how am I supposed to base an icon around River in 'rain' when every single shot in the show she's in she's either on the ship or in bright sunshine? (or being tied to a stake about to burned as a witch... *g*)

01. Alone18. All That I Am35. So Close Yet So Far Away
02. Magical19. Soul Food36. Joy
03. Embrace20. Love37. Kiss
04. Sunshine21. Fire38. Beautiful
05. Sorrow22. Ice39. Hope
06. A Dreamer's Dream23. Glory40. Desire
07. Colorful24. Full of Regret41. I've Been Bad
08. Brightness25. Green42. Fury
09. Rain26. Blue43. Companionship
10. All is Wrong27. Red44. From Now On
11. All is Right28. Forgotten45. Mine
12. Lost29. Snarky46. Trouble in Paradise
13. Wicked30. Mmm Yum!47. Tears
14. Smile31. Hush48. My Drug
15. Laughter32. Reminisce49. Flowers
16. Misery33. Why50. Water
17. Secrets34. Time

Luckily the Xander ones are actually not too far off being done - all the themes are now complete and I've got 29 basic non-themed ones left to do. Shouldn't be too much of a problem, I'll just be busy for a while is all. And then? 82 River ones to do. Going to be hella busy for a while...

Why do I always run so damn close to deadlines? And why did they decide to shut FreezeFrame this week? Grrr.

(and is anyone else having trouble signing into YiM or is it just me?)
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