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I am clearly an idiot

the icons100 challenge is to complete 100 icons on a given subject, covering 50 themes, within a ten week slot. I knew this, not a problem at all. I worked out last week that my icons (both the Xander and River lots) were due this week (Tuesday for Xander, Wednesday for River). I've kinda knocked myself silly this weekend getting as many done as possible (well, apart from taking most of Saturday out to read HP, and Friday afternoon bouncing around my house because I got the Serenity premiere tickets)

Turns out they aren't due this week at all. They're not due until the first week in August.


(of course on the basis of me having them completed by this week, I've now signed up for two more challenges, 100 Xander Season 3 icons for whedon100 and 25 Faith icons for 25of__)

So I've got 51 River icons done, got a good idea for the remaining 49, hopefully by tomorrow StillFlying will be back up and I can get the rest done this week without this insane deadline of Wednesday!

I'm an idiot.
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