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Doing the dance of "I was right!"

At the Serenity convention we were talking about the upcoming action figures and how we knew one was Mal and another was Jayne. The third was under wraps and no one had any clue who it was. There was much talk of River and possibly Inara. I said at the time, "it'll be a bad guy, it'll be a Reaver."

Guess what?

I was right!!!


In bad news, I got no post today. At all. Well, I got a card from the gas board who'd tried to read my meter but that doesn't count as mail. So no tickets yet. I'm choosing to believe that's because there's an extra sorting office between me and the others who got theirs.

And on a completely different tangent, since I have a few Kane fans on my flist here's one of the tracks from the Acoustic Live in London CD - Mary Can You Come Outside Even if you've never heard them before, have a listen! (the true story Chris mentions at the start of the song is that a girl lived next door to him and her boyfriend used to mistreat her. Chris could hear them fighting through the wall so one day "I politely knocked on the door and politely beat the shit out of him")
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