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Heh! And ooops!

So this search meme type thing? I did it a while back and no one likes the name Shona for some reason... So I tried Mara, fully expecting there to be either no results or some Star Wars crossovers. 15 found, most are actually by an author called Mara2 who puts "thanks, Mara" in all her summaries but the others?
  • Mara Hooch had two great loves in her love. What would she do to keep the both? What she did for her love of the game? Her love of the boy behind it all? I'm sorry, but Mara Hooch?! Of all the surnames this person could have chosen they went with Hooch?!
  • R to be safe for chapter 49. Crossover with Star Wars. Basically about Snape's daughter who disappears, is adopted by Luke and Mara, and returns to Hogwarts at 11. DMOC pairing. (Now that one I'd almost be interested in reading, but probably nit...)
  • And the ultimate. The Mary Sue to end all Mary Sues....

    From the first train ride, everyone at Hogwarts expects Mara to be as great (Or not-so-great in the Slytherins’ opinion, but who cares about them? No offense to all you Tom Felton worshippers.) as her dad, the infamous Harry Potter. Needless to say, she has a lot to live up to. Ever since Mara’s father killed Voldemort, things have been peaceful, but unexpectedly, a new evil starts arise. It’s target? Mara! Will she be able to show the world that she’s as good as her dad? Will she be able to stay alive?! Why am I asking you?! I’m the writer!!! To all you Fred and George Weasley and Marauder fans-READ!!!

    AN- To all you Harry/Ginny romancers, this is the story for you. Malfoy fans might also enjoy this fic. One more thing, I usually write Lily/James fics, so don’t be surprised if I write them into here at some point in time. Oh, and if you wonder why I used the name Mara, IT’S ‘CAUSE I HAPPEN TO LIKE THAT NAME!!!!!!!! DEAL WITH IT!!!!! Now that I’m done yapping (and I do it often, so please bear with me ), READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Punctuation is all the authors....Heh!

My half day that I took yesterday so I could get the River icons finished? (which - yay!) clashed with a course I was supposed to go to. Only found out this morning when I opened up Outlook and my reminder for it popped up... ooops. The course? Web Publishing Using Front Page. I think I'll somehow manage to struggle by having missed it!
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