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My boss phoned in sick today. I ran out of work. My intray is completely empty for the first time ever in this department.

So I did what any self-respecting fic writer would do in that situation. I wrote.

Two fics are currently off being looked over, one will be posted as soon as I get it back while the other I'll be waiting till the 11th of this month to post. Why, you ask? Or maybe not. But I'll tell you anyway. It's Lost related and Lost starts airing in the UK on the 10th. *g*

My fic will be episodic and I really want to be able to post each part the day after the episodes air in this country. We'll see how long that lasts for!

I also have one more fic open in a Word doc on this PC which I'll get back to after finishing this up. None of the writing I've done today has been on either Crimson Regret or What a Difference a Day Makes (let alone Destiny, Slayerless or Worlds Collide...). Why can I never finish anything?!

'Kay, one more fic to go and the day's over... what d'you mean I should be working?

(and it's probably a sign I have too many icons when it takes me that long to choose one... *g*)
Tags: fic wips, work
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