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So I get a phone call there, from the annoying guy at Enquiries. (Yeah, sorry Rob I know you read this sometimes, trust me it aint you I'm talking about it's the other annoying guy) who's got a reader on the phone asking about an ejournal we can't access. I explain it's part of a package deal and we get what the publisher gives us so if the site is saying it's not accessable, then it's not. Annoying Guy insists I tell the reader this myself and since I've had it up to here with Annoying Guy I agree just to get him to shut up. So I put on my best phone voice and speak to the reader, who shall now be referred to as Annoying Reader.

I explain the situation, I apologize for the mix-up on the catalogue and explain that he can get the article through inter library loan. We even have an agreement with the BL where he can get the PDF sent to him by email (and it arrives the same freaking day usually!). He's not happy and wants to know whether he should be giving his PHD students their money back if the library's going to cancel the important journals. I explain again that we didn't cancel this journal, that it was offered as part of a package and that we get what the site gives us. He goes off on one about how this wouldn't happen if it was a major science journal. Like I have a vested interest in science journals. I have a freaking BA Honours degree. BA - Bachelor of ARTS! I'm on his freaking side in this!

I do my sweet phone voice (I'm customer service trained beyond belief, I'm very good at talking down people who are rantin) and then have to bite my tongue when I suggest he talks to the subject librarian about about setting up an individual subscription to the title if it's going to be used so much. He says "Oh yes, I know her, she's a very good librarian." Uh... no she's not! I'm still waiting for her to get back to me about something I asked her about three years ago!

I do manage to talk him down a little by doing the whole "I understand what you're saying, and I agree with you. But..." thing, but he then goes and says "Right. I shall have words with *** about this." (*** being the Subject Librarian whose name I wil disguise to protect the incompetant)


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