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Desktop meme!

Woo hoo! I'm jumping on the meme bandwagon!

1 - Why did you choose the background image/colour you did?
I actually have a programme which changes my wallpaper every fifteen minutes. I use it to programme specific things into my desktop - if I'm working on a fic based around specific characters I'll have wallpapers which feature the characters in it. This is the only one of my own wallpapers that has actually made it onto that programme and is only there because I was working on Darkest Day

2 - Why is your toolbar where it is?
Purely because I never thought about moving it.... *grin*

3 - Why are the choices on your toolbar present?
Because I use them, a lot. Simple as that!

4 - What are your desktop icons?
IE, Word, Front Page, Core FTP, Broadband connector, Photoshop, LochJournal and various folder shortcuts (mostly labelled with some variant of "crap" *grin*)
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